Video CP2000 Universal Labeling Equipment
CP2000 from Better Label and Products, brings high production and versatility together, the CP series is the preferred choice of Contract Packagers. Featuring an extra heavy-duty system framework, two (2) high-performance stepper drives, add two (2) high-performance servo drives, the CP series is not your run-of-the mill front & back labeling system.

Product Features:

  • Extra heavy-duty steel framework with casters and leveling pads.
  • Easy changeover of products and labels.
  • Two SL2000 stepper driven label applicators.
  • Photoelectric product and label sensors.
  • Synchronous overhead hold down and product positioning.
  • Automatic encoder speed following.
  • Wide label option to 8.125″
  • Servo driven, synchronous overhead hold down and product positioning.

Video R-315 Print and Apply Labeling System
Universal R315 is a Small Diameter Automatic Round Product Labeling System for .375” to 1.375” diameter round products
This automatic tabletop system is designed to label small diameter round products like vials, markers, and lip balms, all in a high production system.

Product Features:

  • Complete tabletop system
  • State of the art control package
  • Product feed chute
  • Variable speed components
  • SL1500 stepper driven label applicator
  • Product drive encoder
  • Photoelectric label sensor
  • One quick change indexing product carousel (carrier)
  • Overhead label-wrapping station
  • Label dispense speed up to 1500 inches per minute
  • 6.5″ wide web capacity
  • 12″ label roll capacity on 3″ core

Video TB-200 Top and Bottom Labeler
The TB-200 can label top and bottom of jars, trays and many other shaped containers on The Top & Bottom Simultaneously. This system Is Equipped with A Hugger Positive Drive System For Increased Label Placement Accuracy.

Product Features:

  • Top & Bottom Automatic Labeling System TB200
  • The automatic turnkey unit applies labels to the top & bottom of a wide variety of packages
  • Meat trays & bakery clamshells are easily transported & labeled on the system’s split belt, adjustable widths, conveyor.

Video Tamper Evident TE100
Tamper evident labeling capability is critical to several industries. Better Label and Products has a solution.
Tamper Evident Cap Labeler TE100.
Watch the tamper evident cap labeler in action.

Product Features:

  • Bottles are stopped momentarily &; the label is tamp applied to the cap;
  • Then it is wiped down onto the shoulders of the bottle
  • Label application is done in one step

Video Model R322 Automatic Labeler
High-Speed Round Product Labeling Equipment. R322 labels round products up to 6 inches in diameter at speeds of up to 100 per minute.

Product Features:

  • Variable speed components for greater product throughput.
  • 6″w x 8’1 conveyer standard
  • Labeling head height adjustment
  • Photo Electric Product Sensor for accurate label placement
  • Model SL2000 Stepper Drive Labeling Head with 16″ Label Supply Capacity
  • Easily adjustable guide rails for quick set-up

Universal R320 Round Labeling Applicator
Automatic Round Labeling Applicator. Automatic. Maximum speed is 1200in/minute. Machine dimensions are 51” W x 72” L x 56” H. Maximum web width is 6.5 inches. The maximum roll capacity is 12 inches in diameter.

Product Features:

  • 49″W x 72″L x 59″ H
  • Speed: up to 1200” per minute
  • Label roll capacity: 12” Ø
  • Web width: up to 6.5”
  • Electric: 120 VAC +/-10%
  • Shipping weight: approx. 1075 lbs.

Available Options:

  • Hot stamp imprinter
  • Spin ‘n’ Place with orientation
  • Feed and accumulating tables
  • Available in Stainless Steel
  • Easily adjustable guide rails for quick set-up