The Answer: The Anatomy of Pressure-Sensitive Labels and Their Manufacturing Process

Are you curious about the wizardry behind pressure-sensitive labels? Contrary to their seemingly simple appearance, these labels are complex creations with five distinct layers, akin to a well-structured sandwich. It is all about the layers. Let’s unravel the intricacies of how pressure-sensitive labels are made and understand the fascinating layers that make them stick to products seamlessly.

The Layers Unveiled: Demystifying Pressure-Sensitive Labels


Layers (PSL) Pressure Sensitive Labels

1. Liner Layer – The Backbone of the Label:

The journey begins with the liner layer, a backing material made of paper or plastic film. This layer serves as the foundation for the entire label, but interestingly, it’s the part that gets discarded after application.

2. Release Coat Layer – Defying Stickiness:

The next layer involves a special coating applied to the top surface of the liner. This release coat acts as a barrier against the sticky adhesive to be added in the subsequent layer. After the label is complete, this coating allows for easy peeling, enabling the face stock and adhesive to adhere smoothly to the product.

3. Adhesive Layer – The Glue that Bonds:

Holding the label to the product is the adhesive layer, a crucial component that varies based on client preferences. The adhesive formula is customizable to meet specific needs, considering factors like the product’s material, application and storage temperatures, surface texture, and environmental conditions.

4. Face Stock Layer – Bringing Brands to Life:

Constructed from various materials like paper, plastic films, foils, fabrics, and laminates, the face stock layer forms the visible part of the label. This is where the client’s brand or image comes to life, appearing on everyday items like shampoo bottles, egg cartons, and pet food packaging.

5. Top Coat Layer – A Shield of Protection:

The final touch involves laminating a top coat onto the face stock layer. This protective layer not only shields the label from abrasions but also adds a polished and finished appearance to the overall label.

Tailored Solutions for Industries: Custom (PSI) Pressure Sensitive Labels

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