The Impact of Hang Tags on Product Labels and Sales

Grab More Attention With Hang Tags

In the ever-evolving realm of retail, one often overlooked yet potent tool for driving product sales is the unassuming hang tag. But what exactly are hang tags? Plus, why are hang tags used? And why make them part of your product marketing and promotion?

“Hang tags are perfect to promote products such as apparel, food or beverages as well as making great custom price tags.”

Decoding Product Hang Tags

Hang tags are relatively small, visually striking labels tethered to a product, commonly suspended by a string or a plastic tag. Despite their seemingly modest appearance, their potential influence on purchase decisions is substantial.

Words and Images for Customer Response

When it comes to crafting content for hang tags, the choice of words and images must resonate with your specific target audience. Let’s delve into two distinct product examples. 1. a nourishing shampoo and potent plant food. Our client wants to garner attention from their competitors’ products’ sharing the same store shelf space.  You could call attention to more ounces or more savings or value added.

Shampoo Hang Tag:

Words: “Revitalize, Replenish, Rejuvenate”

Images: Showcase the shampoo in action, highlighting its luscious lather and the nourishing ingredients.

Call to Action: Save $2.00 at check out.

Plant Food Hang Tag:

Words: “Thriving Gardens Begin Here”

Images: Vibrant photos of flourishing plants, emphasizing the transformative effects of the plant food.

Call to Action: QR Codes to reach a discount and a special membership opportunity.

Optimal Tag Dimensions for Impact:

While the standard size often ranges from 2×3 inches to 4×6 inches, tailoring the dimensions to complement the product size is crucial. For our shampoo, a sleek 2×3 tag might convey sophistication, while a more expansive 4×6 tag for your plant food can showcase the product’s comprehensive benefits.

Innovative Hang Tag Affixing Options:

Your hang tag would. usually, not be affixed to the product with adhesive. Consider alternative attachment methods that align with your brand and the product’s aesthetics. For the shampoo, an attached stretch thread could offer a clean, modern look. Meanwhile, a die-cut hole for the plant food tag, allowing it to hang directly on a gardening tool, brings practicality and convenience.

Product Hang Tags Can Be a Difference Maker

By tailoring hang tags to the unique characteristics of products like shampoo and plant food and giving the customer a reason to select your product immediately, you can transform these unassuming labels into compelling narratives that drive sales and establish a lasting brand connection


The question was, “Do you make hang tags for your customer’s products?” Yes, we make millions of them. Our full-service art department can help with a new design or freshen up, an earlier favorite.

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