How I Decide Labels, Stickers

“Context” is How I Decide Which Word

Stickers, Labels or Tags. What is the Difference?

Do you want new business Stickers, Labels, or Tags?  That is a good question because people regularly use these words interchangeably.

For example, if you are in the food business, you could need bottle labels, price stickers for the bottles, and top the product off with eye-catching promotional tags.  Here are a few things they have in common. Firstly, all these items are things, aka nouns.  All three also require both design and printing. That’s where Better Label and Products enters the scene and comes to the rescue.

How? We listen and ask questions.  If the item will be stuck to a car’s bumper, we likely need “bumper stickers”. If it needs to stick to a car’s window, the material and adhesive needed will change.

Labels Do Two Big Jobs

  1. Labels: Identifying and Informing

Labels serve as essential tools for identifying and providing information about products or objects. Here’s what you need to know:

Purpose: Labels primarily exist to identify items. They convey crucial information related to product packaging, shipping boxes, envelopes, warehouse shelves, and more.

Materials: Labels come in various materials, including paper or film. They are often thinner and easy to peel from their backing.

Label Formats:

Sheet Labels: Perfect for smaller projects and hand applications.

Roll Labels: Ideal for higher volume jobs and suitable for both manual and machine applications.

Strictly About Stickers

  1. Stickers: The Heroes of Self-Expression and Promotion

Once again, the “context” is important. Stickers, on the other hand, are more than just labels. They play a unique role in brand promotion, self-expression, and advocacy:

Heroic Role: Stickers shine as standalone products. They’re perfect for:

Brand Promotion: Use custom stickers to promote your brand, represent your team or club, or create eye-catching visuals.

Self-Expression: Individuals stick them on laptops, water bottles, helmets, car windows, and more.

Advocacy: Support a cause by distributing stickers that carry powerful messages. You sticker job may be proclaiming “My Child is an Honor Student” or Declare Affinity for a Sports Team.

Materials: Most stickers are made of extra durable film or vinyl materials.

Durability: Since stickers end up in various environments (laptops, water bottles, etc.), consider ordering ones with extra durability. Look for UV laminate or varnish to protect against water, sunlight, scratches, and scuffing.

Multiple Cut Types:

Die-Cut Stickers: Custom shapes (like palm trees or bananas) without extra backing.

Kiss-Cut Stickers: Cut through the top vinyl layer only, with the paper backing intact.

In Summary

Labels: Adhesive-backed, used for identification and information.

Tags: Often made of paper or cardboard, attached with a string (commonly used for merchandise, luggage, or gifts).

Stickers: Adhesive-backed, often decorative or promotional, and perfect for self-expression, branding, and advocacy.

Remember, labels and stickers may seem similar, but their contexts and purposes set them apart. So, whether you’re labeling products or creating eye-catching stickers, choose wisely. Give us a call.

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