Better Laser Labels for Business

Better Laser Labels

Unlocking Efficiency with Laser Labels for Your Business

Discover Better Label and Products’ extensive range of sheeted laser labels, including custom options tailored to your needs. Choose between die cut or knife cut labels, all produced on top-quality stock.

Versatile Printing Solutions

Our laser labels seamlessly integrate with high-speed laser label application system/machines. Plus this labeling solution offers compatibility with various software programs. The choice between labels isn’t merely about good or bad but about meeting diverse needs.

How Laser Labels Operate

Laser label printers use heat and toner to create images. A laser passes over a drum, creating a static charge attracting toner. As paper passes over the drum, it collects the toner. The printer’s heat bonds the powder to the page, forming text or images.

Swift Drying, Smudge-Free Results

Laser label accommodate black and colored toners, even using white toner on black labels. They operate efficiently, ensuring labels won’t smudge as they dry instantly. This eliminates any wait time, making the process swift and hassle-free.

Label Design or Marketing Refresh

At Better Label, our

is ready to serve your needs. Whether it’s as simple as taking your art and getting it ready for reproduction or creating a polished, professional label for you. Our art and pre-press graphic professionals have many years of experience. They are knowledgeable and up to date with current publishing technology as well as government regulations pertaining to food and product labeling.

Why Consider Laser Labels?

Considering a laser label for your business? Here’s a brief overview:


  • Quick printing
  • Instantly dry labels
  • Long-lasting toner cartridges
  • Monochromatic or colored toner options
  • Crisp, clear text even in small fonts
More Choices, More Versatility

Laser labels offer flexibility, catering to various needs such as:

Waterproof Labels: Ideal for moisture protection, laser labels can be printed on waterproof stock due to their use of toner and heat.

Metallic Labels: Create eye-catching labels with metallic finishes using your laser label printer.

Shipping Labels: Fast and cost-efficient, laser label printers are excellent for high-volume shipping labels, ensuring legible text even in smaller sizes.

Clear Labels: Achieve a minimalist look with practically invisible clear labels displaying essential information.

Barcode Labels: Laser label printers are ideal for scannable barcode labels, remaining legible even at smaller sizes.

Heat-Resistant Labels: Stand up to extreme heat exposure with labels printed using laser label printers.

For a free quote or additional information on custom labels for your business, contact our Customer Service Department. Elevate your business with efficient labeling solutions today!