Semi-Automatic Flat Product and Round Product Labeling Systems


L-60: Your Ultimate Semi-Auto Labeling Solution

Our FLAT PRODUCT LABEL MACHINE, L-60,  is a cutting-edge tabletop labeling equipment. It is designed to elevate your labeling process. The precision  L-60 precision is equipped with advanced features. This semi-automatic labeling machine ensures seamless operations. It keeps downtime to a minimum.

Key Features:

  1. Solid State Electronics. Experience minimal downtime thanks to the reliability of solid-state L60_semi_automatic_product_labeler_for_saleelectronics.
  2. Synchronous Motor.  Say goodbye to clutch brake issues with the synchronous motor, ensuring smooth and efficient performance.
  3. Durable Construction. Built to last, the FLAT PRODUCT LABEL MACHINE, L-60, boasts an anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction for enhanced durability.
  4. Versatile Label Stock Handling. From standard labels to a wide range of label stock, this equipment handles it all effortlessly.
  5. Maximum Roll Diameter.With a 12″ maximum roll diameter and a 3″ core size, enjoy extended label application without frequent roll changes.
  6. Star Wheel Label Sensing. Rely on the precision of star wheel label sensing for accurate and consistent labeling.
  7. Adjustable Web Guide. Swift and easy setup is achieved through the adjustable web guide, streamlining your labeling process.
  8. Tamp-On or Blow-On Options Choose the labeling method that suits your needs – tamp-on or blow-on options available.
  9. Compact Dimensions: The L-60 is designed with space efficiency in mind, measuring W-19″ x L-21″ x H-24-3/4″.
  10. Impressive Speed. Achieve labeling efficiency with a speed of up to 60 products per minute.
  11. Flexible Label Capacity. From 1/2″ W x 1/2″ L to 4 1/4″ W x 10″ L, accommodate a wide range of label sizes.
  12. Variable Cylinder Depth of Stroke: Standard 6″ cylinder depth of stroke with options for longer strokes, providing adaptability to diverse labeling needs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC
  • Air Requirements: 40PSI minimum

Upgrade your labeling experience with the FLAT PRODUCT LABELER L-60, a semi-auto labeling equipment that combines efficiency, durability, and versatility. Streamline your operations and enhance your productivity with this advanced tabletop solution. Want additional information? Call Better Label and Products @ 404-890-0924 in Atlanta, GA or Contact Us Page.

BONUS BENEFIT – User-Friendly Upgrades: Easily upgrade your equipment to meet evolving demands, ensuring long-term functionality.

(Semi-Auto Labeling)

Discover Effortless Labeling with the Round Product Labeler R-310

Unleash the power of seamless labeling for your product with out ROUND PRODUCT LABELER R-310, a start- of-the-art semi-automatic labeling machine designed maximum reliability and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Reliable solid state electronics: Count on uninterrupted performance with our cutting-edge solid state electronics, ensuring maximum reliability for your labeling needs.Round310
  • Maximum Label Width: Accommodate a variety of label sizes with generous width of 7 1/8 inches, providing flexibility for your diverse product product range.
  • Fast size changeover: Experience swift transitions between label sizes, streamlining your operations for increased efficiency.
  • Compact Unit Dimensions: Optimize your workspace with a compact design measuring W-18″ x L-32″ x H-24-1/4,” allowing for seamless integration into your production line.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighing in at just 45 pounds, the ROUND PRODUCT LABELER R-310 combines robust performance with portability for easy maneuverability.
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: Minimize down time with a substantial 12-inch maximum roll diameter, reducing the frequency of roll changes during the labeling process.
  • Electrical Requirement: Conveniently operate the machine with a standard 120 VAC power supply, offering compatibility with common electrical setups.
  • Air Requirements: Ensure smooth functionality with a minimum of air pressure requirement of 20PSI, facilitating efficient label application.
  • Versatile Options: Tailor your labeling experience with extra options such as  hot-Stamp or ink printers, as well as the choice between gallon-size or wide label capacity.


  • Digital Touch Screen for Front and Back Labeling as well as single wrap labelingr310F:B
  • Solid state electronics assure maximum reliability
  • Maximum Label Width: 7 1/8″
  • Fast size changeover
  • Unit Dimensions: W-18″ x L-32″ x H-24-1/4″
  • Shipping Weight: 45 pounds
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 12″
  • Electrical Requirement: 120 VAC +/- 10%
  • Air Requirements: 20PSI min.
  • Options: Hot-Stamp or ink printers, gallon-size or wide label capacity

Revolutionize Your Labeling Process with R-310

Upgrade your labeling capabilities and elevate your product presentation with the ROUND PRODUCT LABELER 310. Whether you need to accommodate various label sizes, prioritize fast changeovers, or enhance portability, this semi-auto labeling machine is the solution to meet your diverse needs.

Efficient, reliable, and versatile – THE ROUND PRODUCT LABELER-310 is the key to unlocking a new era of labeling excellence for your products.

Explore our labeling solutions today and experience the difference with R-310. More information call Better Label and Products at 404-890-0924.