Full Service Art Department


Art Design Services

At Better Label our Pre-Press and Art Department is ready to serve your needs. Whether it’s as simple as taking your art and getting it ready for reproduction or creating a polished, professional label for you. Our art and pre-press professionals have many years of experience. They are knowledgeable and up to date with current publishing technology as well as government regulations pertaining to food and product labeling. We have the ability and knowledge to produce any type of symbology, from basic bar codes to QR codes or whatever type of code you may require, with verification of scanability and ANSI certification.

Better Label maintains the very latest versions of publishing software, including the entire Adobe Software library. We accept both Mac and PC files. We employ a state of the art Direct To Plate system, and the latest in Water Wash Plate Technology that allows us to move your job into the press room more quickly as well as being better for our environment.

Pre-press/Plate Department

The Pre-press/Plate Department can evaluate your job and help you determine the most cost-effective way to produce your label. Another benefit of our in house prepress service is our “plate for life” program. After you pay for the initial plate making, we store and re-use the plate with no additional plate charges each time you run your job, if the plate wears out, we replace it at our expense. The only time a new plate charge will be assessed is if the customer makes a change and a new plate is required, It’s simply a better way to do business.

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