Full Service Art Department


Unlocking Exceptional Design for Your Product Labels

Welcome to Better Label, where our Art and Design Department stands ready to elevate your brand with captivating product labels. Explore our comprehensive design services for optimal results.

Expert Artistry and Pre-Press Precision

Our seasoned professionals in the Art and Pre-Press Department bring years of experience to seamlessly transform your artwork into stunning, print-ready labels. From simple reproductions to crafting polished, professional labels, we’ve got you covered.

Cutting-Edge Technology at Your Fingertips

Stay ahead with our team, equipped with the latest Adobe Software library and state-of-the-art Direct To Plate system. Better Label embraces Water Wash Plate Technology, ensuring a swift transition to the press room while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Symbology Mastery

Experience our proficiency in producing various symbologies, from basic barcodes to QR codes. We provide thorough verification of scanability and hold ANSI certification to guarantee quality.

Pre-Press/Plate Department: Your Cost-Efficient Partner

Let our Pre-Press/Plate Department guide you in determining the most cost-effective approach for your labels. Benefit from our exclusive “plate for life” program – pay once for the initial plate making, and we handle the rest. No additional charges for plate reuse; it’s our commitment to efficient and economical business practices.

Why Choose Better Label?

– Industry Experts: Our professionals stay updated on the latest publishing technology and government regulations.
– Cross-Platform Compatibility: Submit your files in either Mac or PC format for seamless collaboration.
– Environmental Responsibility: We prioritize Eco-friendly practices with our Water Wash Plate Technology.

Elevate Your Brand with Better Label

Ready to enhance your product labels? Contact Better Label for superior design services tailored to your custom needs. Unleash the power of exceptional design and make your brand stand out.

Transform your labels today. Contact us @ 404- 445-2431 for a quote and let Better Label redefine your product’s visual identity.*